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Robot 3D laser cutting machine QL-DC Series

Machine main parameters:

Arm length: 2030 (mm)

Joint No: 6

Weight: 1000 (kg)

Max.loading weight: 65 (kg)

Machine Power: 500-3000W

Related loading weight: 30 (kg)

Fiber laser wavelength: 1070-1080nm

Power supply: 380V/50HZ

Machine main features:

Reduce the labor intensity and avoid high requirement on the workers' technique and labor cost.

Fiber cutting robot cuts various complicated three-dimensional curves freely and flexibly.     

Adopt flexible fiber laser source that can transfer in a far distance as the transferring media, it won't limit the working path of the robot.

Concentrated operation, fast moving and presise processing enhance the cutting quality stably.

Technical parameters:

Repeated Accuracy


Axis 1


Axis 2


Axis 3


Axis 4


Axis 5


Axis 6







Against the floor/hanged upside/down Wall Mounted



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