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YAG Laser Cutting Machine

Machine specification

Machine Model


Machine Quality grade

A top quality

Laser Working Medium


Laser Wavelength

1064 nm

Max. Output Power


Pulse Width

0.120 ms

Pulse Frequency

1300 Hz

Laser Power Stability

≤±3 %

Max. Cutting Thickness

10 mm(According to materials and assistant gas)

Effective Cutting Range


Working Table Axial location Accuracy


Working Table Repeated location Accuracy


Cooling Way

9000W Water Cooling

Supported Graphic Format


Power Consumption

20 KW

Power Supply

Three phase 380VAC/50Hz

Cutting Gas

Oxygen, Nitrogen or Mixed gas

3, YAG laser cutting machine main features:

3.1  High cutting speed:  as we adopt the original USA brand laser cutting head and our unique laser processing technology/experiences, so our 650W YAG laser cutting machine has more faster cutting speed and the corresponding cutting thickness compared with other simple cutting machines.

3.2  Excellent cutting kerfs. YAG laser cutting machine has nice cutting kerfs, just because of its contact-free processing method, it is not necessary for post-processing after cutting.

3.3  Little maintenance cost. YAG laser cutting machine just needs to change some wearing parts, like Xe- lamp and lens. The operation cost and maintenance cost are lower than others.

3.4  Power energy saving. The whole machine just consumes 20KW power, saving power consumption and reducing cost.

3.5  Good software compatibility. You can add your own software to it, realizing its expandability.

3.6  Great auto focus function. This YAG laser cutting machine has auto tracking cutting head, which can keep a certain distance when cutting irregular surface, having good cutting quality.

3.7  Small heat affected zone, little stress and no distortion to workpieces.

3.8  Wide application fields: our 650W YAG laser cutting machine can cut many kinds of metal materials , such as: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.

3.9  It can do the laser engraving/marking on the metal material also by programe.

3.91 The laser cutting auxiliary gas can be controlled by software, so it’s very easy and more flexible functions

3.92  We adopt the fiber laser cutting software and control system to our YAG laser cutting machine, so our machine’s total performances are more excellent than the simple YAG laser cutting machines.

4, Machine Applicable Materials:

YAG laser cutting machine suits to cut sheet metal, such as: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, alloy, copper, brass, etc.


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