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Fiber transmission laser welding machine

Machine main features:


Pulse width: to achieve the set range of 50ms, to achieve a more ideal welding quality;

Pulse frequency: to achieve the set range of 300Hz, to achieve high precision, high speed welding;

The quality of welding: slow rise and slow drop function, make the seam the beginning and end of the overlapping part is greatly improved;

Optical fiber transmission: through the energy of light or time points, to achieve the same time welding or sub welding, can be selected to match the 4 light, increase the degree of freedom of processing, improve production efficiency;

Rich I/O interface, can be used for a variety of external auxiliary equipment joint operation;

The main components of high quality imported components, to ensure the reliability of the product;

The realization of remote control, can be equipped with industrial robots, high-precision positioning, easy to achieve automation.


 We can customized different kinds of automatic laser welding system depend on customers actual requirements.

Machine technical specifications






   Max. laser power





   Laser Working medium


   Laser wavelength


   Single pulse max. laser power





   Fiber output quantity

Max. four route

   Feedback type

Energy minus feedback

   Single pulse width

0.1ms ~ 20ms

   Welding depth

1-3mm (Depending on materials)

   Pulse frequency

1 ~ 200HZ


Red light (optional CCD)


Water cooling

   Power consumption





   Power supply

Three phase 380V/50HZ

   Host dimension (W*D*H)


   Chiller dimension (W*D*H, mm)





   Fiber model

Mitsubishi SI/GI fiber


Machines main application field

Applicable Materials:
It can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and other steels, aluminum, copper and brass, tin, titanium, nickel, zinc, gold, silver, etc.

Application Fields:
This kind of laser welding machine has been widely used in 3C industry, IC industry, Kitchen and bathroom industry, Electronic motors industry, Automotive industry, Battery industry, Solar energy industry, Building industry, Machinery industry, Hardware, Glasses and watches, Jewelries, etc.


This machine laser welding photos for reference


Fiber transmission laser welding machine2.png

Fiber transmission laser welding machine3.png

Fiber transmission laser welding machine4.png

Fiber transmission laser welding machine5.png

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