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Big marking area fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. Machine main characteristics

A, Europe safety standard design, full sealed structure;

B, Germany IPG fiber laser source and Germany Technology scanner;

C, Static marking range 300*300mm;

D, The machine working table X and Y axis stroke range up to 300*500mm;

E, Disposable precision marking for many work pieces;

F, The X and Y axis stroke range can be customized depend on customers actual requirements;

G, Adopt the high precision Japan Panasonic servo motors to achieve high precision marking;

H, Machine has the internal dust exhaust system which can clean the working environment and extend the laser source lifetime;

2. Machine applications & materials 

It is suitable for processing fields that need the big scope marking and multi-workstations marking, smoothness and accuracy marking. It is widely used in: advertising industry, arts industry, electronic components industry, medical device industry, glasses watch and clock industry, IC card industry, plastic tool industry, kitchen and bathroom appliance, etc.


Applicable materials:

It suits to mark on metal and some nonmetal materials, such as: stainless steel, brass, copper, carbon steel, aluminum, alloy, gold, silver, plastic, rubber, wood, paper, PVC, PU, Epoxy, ABS, etc.


 3. Machine laser marking samples of this machine for reference


Big marking area fiber Laser Marking Machine 2.png

Big marking area fiber Laser Marking Machine 3.png

Big marking area fiber Laser Marking Machine 5.png

laser marking sample-new4.jpg

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