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CO2 Laser Coding Machine

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CO2 laser marking machine

Machine main features

1, the United States imported radio frequency laser, light stability, low failure rate, long life, low maintenance costs;

2, application software functions are available, support automatic coding, serial number, date, bar code, data matrix etc…free upgrade;

3, suitable for production line laser marking, data can be traced back and save;

4, laser marking non-toxic, no deformation, no pollution, wear resistance, not to produce supplies


The machine technical parameters:






   Laser wavelength


   Laser generator

CO2 radio-frequency laser generator

   Max. laser power





   Marking range

100mm*100mm (optional)

   Focus depth

Vary according to the size of the focusing lens and code materials

   Character height


   Letter form

Support SHX single letter form


Air cooling

Water cooling

   Power supply


   Power consumption





The main application industry:

Laser coding machine can be applied to flying production line for mass production. It can code production date, batch number, serial number, bar code, two dimensional code, etc.


The laser marking samples from this machine

CO2 laser marking machine2.png

CO2 laser marking machine3.png

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