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Fiber Laser Marking Machine ( standard model)

1. Machine characteristics: 

Smart and compact size, using internal air-cooling system, fiber output, flexible application and easy to operate. No daily maintenance and long lifetime.


 Advantages of our fiber laser marking machine:  

● Use German IPG fiber laser as laser source, no maintenance and no wearing parts.

● Long working hours. The estimated working hours is 100,000 hours.

Adopt air cooling system, saving the cost of electricity and cooling water, making the machine having compact size.

● Good marking quality, with fine marking line width, suitable for precise marking.

● Taiwan Advantech Industrial PC, easy to use and stable performance.  

● Electric up and down working table, electric motor driving makes the machine more convenient to adjust focus point.

● He-Ne red light positioning makes operators easy to observe the laser marking range before marking.

● Adopt our own developed advanced marking software which has many customized function.


2. Machine applications & materials 

The fiber laser marking machine has advantage of high beam quality and high reliability. It is suitable for processing fields that need high marking depth, smoothness and accuracy. It is widely used in: advertising industry, arts industry, electronic components industry, medical device industry, glasses watch and clock industry, IC card industry, plastic tool industry, kitchen and bathroom appliance, etc.


Applicable materials:

It suits to mark on metal and some nonmetal materials, such as: stainless steel, brass, copper, carbon steel, aluminum, alloy, gold, silver, plastic, rubber, wood, paper, PVC, PU, Epoxy, ABS, etc.


3. Fiber laser marking machine main technical parameters 


QL-FL series

Max. laser power

20W ( 30W and 50W optional )

Laser wavelength


Beam quality


Output stability


Pulse width


Single pulse energy


Min. line width


Min. character height


Repeat accuracy


Marking speed


Marking range

100mm*100mm(Standard) Optional for others


Air cooling

Power supply


Power consumption(W/H)


Machine dimension (W*D*H)



4. The laser marking photos for reference

iber Laser Marking Machine2.png

iber Laser Marking Machine3.png

iber Laser Marking Machine4.png

iber Laser Marking Machine5.png

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