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Multiple Station Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Machine main features:

1, machine adopt the Germany IPG fiber laser source and Germany technology laser scanner;

2,this kinds of fiber laser no maintenance, no future consumable parts; laser lifetime up to 100,000 hours.

3, working table rotate for multi-workstation marking which highly improve the marking efficiency.

4, laser marking area adopt the laser protection device and laser fence which is completely safe while the laser is working;

5, powerful computer system makes users easy to learn and operate. This laser marking machine can realize various kinds of marking, support AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop software and PLT, DXF, BMP etc files.

6, we can design the special fixtures for different kinds of products which can meet the high precision marking requirements.


Machine main technical parameters:



   Laser wavelength


   Max. laser power

20W ( 30W and 50W optional )

   Output stability


   Pulse width

90 ~ 120ns

   Single pulse energy


   Min. line width


   Moving method

DD motor/ Cylinder

   Repeat accuracy


   Marking speed

≤ 7000mm/s


Air cooling

   Power supply


   Power consumption


   Machine dimension (W*D*H)


   Woring station numbers

2 stations/ 4 stations/ 8 stations/ 16 stations/ 32 stations


The marking samples of this laser marking machine

Multiple Station Fiber Laser Marking Machine2.png

Multiple Station Fiber Laser Marking Machine3.png

Multiple Station Fiber Laser Marking Machine4.png

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