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Portable model fiber laser marking machine

The portable fiber laser marking machine main features:

1. Adopt the compact desktop design with laser protection cabinet;

2. Fiber laser longest lifetime, more than 100,000 hours, free maintenance;

3. Good quality of the laser beam, high pulse energy, stable performance;

4. Double red light focusing, digit scan head, high accuracy, high speed;

5. Air cooling system, small size, firendly design, easy to operate;

6. Widely application, most of the metal materials and nonmetal materials support, suitable for precise marking and engraving;



Machine main specifications

/Portable Fiber Laser Marking M



Max. laser power

20W ( 10W, 30W and 50W can be optional)

Laser wavelength


Beam quality


Output stability


Pulse width


Single pulse energy


Min. line width


Min. character height


Repeat accuracy


Marking speed


Marking range

100mm*100mm(Standard) Optional for others


Air cooling

Power supply


Power consumption


Machine dimension (W*D*H)


Machine net weight

Approx. 40KG


Machine application materials and field:

Metal (including the rare metals) such as steel ,titanium ,copper etc ,and some of nonmetal such as nylon ,light button, ABS , PVC ,PES etc.

The area with the higher requirement for depth, smoothness and degree of thickness such as clock industry, mould industry, bitmap marking,jewelry marking etc.

Other area such as electronic component, electrical products.IT industry, auto-parts, metal tools, accurate instruments, present and adornment, medical Instrument, high or low voltage electric equipment etc.

Other desktop fiber laser marking machine model for optional




These kinds of portable fiber laser marking machine application samples:

Portable model fiber laser marking machine2.png


大鹏marking sample-1.jpg

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