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UV laser marking machine

Machine general introduction:

Quick laser UV laser marking machine adopts a wavelength of 355nm UV laser source with a very small focused spot and other prominent features, can largely reduce the materials mechanical deformation and has small heat affected in processing, Quick Laser UV laser marking machine is widely used in ultra-fine marking, engraving, such as high-speed divided on silicon wafers cut complex graphics and other fields of food, pharmaceutical packaging material marking and coding porous, glass materials.


Machine main features:

1, apparatus body is small, compact and easy to install and move;

2, laser focus small spot, can effectively reduce the impact of confounding factors sparring standard quality;

3, module design, easy maintenance and equipment integrations;

4, new type of semiconductor laser source, little electric current pump module, long lifetime

5, has a high electro-optical conversion efficiency, low power consumption advantages of the machine which can save the cost of long working hours

6, processing thermal effects deformation small, suitable for high-precision machining. 

Machine technical parameters:


 Model no. QL-UV-01
 Laser source Ultraviolet laser
 Wavelength 355nm
 Average output power 3w ( 5W, 7W,10w optional)
 Peak power >12kw
 Degree of power   instability <3% (12 hours)
 Pulse width 6ns
 Repetition frequency 15kHz ~ 20kHz
 Laser mode near TEM00
 Spot diameter 5mm
 Cooling mode air cooling
 Operating environnment Temp.: 0~50℃ , Humidity: 5~90%
 Power supply AC 110~220V/50Hz , 200W

The UV laser marking samples as follows:

ABS MARKING 1 (2).jpg

Wire by UV laser marker.JPG

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